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Features and application of ZFY reducer

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  ZFY reducer
  The ZFY type reducer should include parallel axis series and vertical axis series. The parallel axis reducer is produced according to the national standard (GB9004-88). The product is optimized and designed to meet the international advanced level in the 9002s. It mainly includes ZDY (single stage). ), ZLY (two-stage), ZSY (three-stage) and ZFY (four-stage) four series, the vertical shaft reducer is produced according to the national standard (JB/T1999-XNUMX), used for the input shaft and the output shaft in a vertical direction The arranged transmission device mainly includes three series of DBY, DCY and DFY.
  Application range of ZFY reducer:
  (1) The input speed is generally n, ≤1500r/min
  (2) The peripheral speed of the gear drive is not more than 20 m/s.
  (3) Working environment—40~50℃, and Nvguo is below 0℃. The lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting. This reducer can be used for forward and reverse rotation.
  (4) It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, lifting, transportation, textile, papermaking, instruments, plastics, rubber, engineering machinery, energy and other industrial sectors.