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How to solve the oil leakage of the reducer

时间:2019-03-08 16:04   tags: products information  

        The oil leakage of the reducer is one of the common faults of the reducer, which is a headache.How to effectively manage oil spills is a problem worthy of attention.Whether or not the reducer returns oil is also an important factor in the oil leakage of the reducer.
        The smooth flow of oil is to make possible leaking oil flow back to the oil tank relatively smoothly.For example, the oil splashed on the inner wall of the oil tank needs to return to the oil sump in the oil tank as soon as possible, so that the inner wall of the deceleration cover forms an arc shape to prevent the oil from staying on the shaft seal to prevent oil contamination.The shaft head gradually leaks to the outside of the box, and the shaft head adopts an oil groove type sealing device.The lower end of the oil groove is provided with an oil return, so that the oil accumulated in the oil groove can be returned to the oil tank body to prevent leakage.
        The rectangular cross-section oil return groove on the surface of the deceleration chassis allows the oil splashed on the inner wall of the cover to drip along the inner wall, collect in the oil return tank, and then flow back to the oil pool.The size of the recirculation tank can be determined according to the design requirements.The oil return grooves at the bottom of some reducers are too small to really play the role of return.