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What are the factors that affect the life of the ball mill reducer

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        As the power transmission setting of the ball mill equipment, the reducer is a very important part of the ball mill. The normal operation of the ball mill is inseparable from the perfect cooperation of the reducer.As a well-known ball mill manufacturer in China, Red Star Machinery has conducted in-depth research on the ball mill reducer. This article will talk about the factors that affect the service life of the ball mill reducer?
  "The gearbox usually needs to be run-in first after leaving the factory. According to the regulations, the run-in period is about 200 hours," said Li Gong, the engineer of Red Planet Mill. "If the run-in period is exceeded, the oil must be changed. This is the early stage of the reducer's use according to the equipment. The performance characteristics are stipulated. "The running-in period is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.So what are the factors that affect its service life?
  1. The installation and testing process of the reducer was not strict enough, and the problems found were not dealt with in time.
  2. The reducer is overloaded, such as large defects.
  3. The quality of the reducer itself is poor, if there are major defects, etc.
  4. The maintenance and maintenance of the reducer is not enough, and the operation of the equipment is not regularly checked on time.
  5. Insufficient maintenance of various indicating instruments and incorrect indications of the instruments, resulting in operating errors.
  6. Insufficient lubrication management, unreasonable selection of lubricating oil, failure to clean up the outlet end and return end of the lubrication pipeline, and timely replacement of lubricating oil in accordance with relevant regulations.
  7. The operator is not familiar with the equipment structure, performance, allowable load, lubrication and related technical parameters.
  8. The job responsibility system is not sound enough, such as: job responsibility system, job operation method, shift system, safety technology, etc.
  Finding the "cause" can cure the "symptom". Red Star Machinery believes that after understanding the factors that affect the service life of the ball mill reducer, pay attention to it during use, and regular maintenance and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the reducer and ensure Orderly and stable production of ball mills.