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Application of special reducer for mixer

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        Each dry powder mixer will be equipped with a reducer next to the motor. Since the speed of the mixing shaft is mostly in the range of 30-600rpm, it is much less than the rated speed of the motor. Therefore, a reducer is usually installed at the outlet of the motor. The independent closed transmission between the motor and the working machine reduces the speed and correspondingly increases the torque.
        According to the characteristics of transmission and structure, the reducer can be divided into four types: cycloid pinwheel reducer, belt reducer, worm gear reducer, and gear reducer. When choosing the reducer, we should choose the appropriate speed reducer according to the process requirements and operating environment. In addition to meeting the requirements of power and output speed, the selection of the machine should also be reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance, with high mechanical efficiency and low noise.Let's get to know these four types of reducers separately and learn how they work.
        Cycloidal pin gear reducer, adopting cycloidal pin gear meshing, is a deceleration mechanism with advanced design and novel structure. It can run in forward and reverse directions. The biggest feature is high transmission efficiency and wide transmission ratio. Transmission power can be from 10W to 50000kW. The volume and weight are much smaller than ordinary gear reducers and worm reducers.However, its structure is more complex and requires higher manufacturing precision.It is widely used in the reduction gear of various transmission machinery such as petrochemical industry, light industry food, pharmacy, textile printing and dyeing, metallurgy and mining, sewage treatment and engineering machinery.
        Belt speed reducer, belt speed reducer has the characteristics of high efficiency, long life, compact structure, stable transmission, convenient disassembly, etc. It allows forward and reverse rotation, and is widely used in large-scale fermentation equipment.
        Worm gear reducer, worm gear reducer adopts worm gear transmission, which is mainly used for large transmission occasions. It has the advantages of compact transmission structure and small outline size and stable operation. However, the efficiency is low, so single-stage worm reducers are used more and two-stage worms Reducers are rarely used.The transmission ratio of a single-stage worm reducer generally ranges from 10-70.
        Gear reducer, gear reducer includes cylindrical gear reducer and bevel gear reducer. Cylindrical gear reducer is the most widely used of all reducers. The range of transmission power can be from very small to 4000kW and the peripheral speed can also be changed from Very low 60-70m/s; and the position of the input shaft and output shaft of the bevel gear reducer is 90o configuration, so it is suitable for occasions where the input and output shafts are perpendicular to each other.The main feature of the gear reducer is high efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance. According to the number of reduction gears, it can be divided into single-stage, two-stage, three-stage or even multi-stage, to avoid oversize of the reducer, generally when the transmission ratio is 8 A single-stage gear reducer can be used below, and a two-stage or more than two-stage gear reducer is better when it is greater than