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Idler Pulleys guide the engine drive belt
Your car’s idler pulleys are an essential part of the drive system, providing tension and guiding the engine drive belt. The belt runs around various engine components, including the water pump, power steering pump, and alternator. If idler pulleys are damaged, the whole drive system can be affected. To avoid a costly repair, consider having the idler pulley replaced. Idler Pulleys guide the engine drive-belt by ensuring that it moves at the correct speed. A poorly working idler pulley can cause the engine to run rough, resulting in a loud squealing noise. Fortunately, the replacement of this part is easy. If you notice your car making an abnormal noise or vibration, the idler pulley may need to be replaced.
They are a simple component in the serpentine belt system
An idler pulley is a movable component that transmits power through a shaft, as opposed to a fixed pulley. While most driven pulleys are attached to a machine with a drive shaft, idler pulleys are free to translate based on the motion of the belt. They are commonly used in block-and-tackle systems.
Idler Pulleys are simple mechanical devices that can wear out. While most vehicles only have 1 idler pulley for the engine,some specialized vehicles may use more than 1 idler pulley. When idler pulleys are worn out or damaged, the rest of the serpentine belt system will begin to show signs of failure. If your idler pulley becomes worn or damaged, it can cause your car to overheat, stall, or make a loud squealing noise.
They wear down as time progresses
Idler pulleys wear out with time and need to be replaced as the engine ages. They are made of plastic or metal and contain a pressed bearing in the center. Idler pulleys have sealed bearings, which reduce the need for regular lubrication. If you notice a seized idler pulley, it could lead to a torn belt or a belt that falls off the engine.
When you hear a squealing noise from your Land Rover, you most likely have a damaged idler pulley. The idler pulley surface is damaged and causes the drive belt to rub and squeal in an unnatural way. Eventually, the belt starts to wear out and needs to be replaced. You will notice that the squealing sound will grow louder and will get worse until you can afford to replace the idler pulley.
They can be designed to meet most industry specifications
Idler Pulleys are designed to fit a particular shaft diameter. A typical drive pulley uses a 1″ shaft, and an idler pulley
typically uses a 3/8″ shaft. To find the correct size idler pulley, measure the outside diameter of the belt. To do this, wrap a
string around the pulley and mark where it overlaps the shaft. To calculate the overall width of the belt, divide the belt width by 3.14.
Manufacturers can design idler pulleys that meet or exceed OE specifications. Advanced specifications include flat idlers with diameters from 2 inches to 6 3/4 inches. Idler pulleys are available in a wide variety of styles to meet most specifications. A quality idler pulley will be highly durable and able to resist under-hood contaminants. In addition, many manufacturers provide additional hardware to complete installation.
They can be replaced
Your car’s idler pulley can be easily replaced, but how much it costs to have them replaced can vary greatly. Depending on where you live and who is performing the work, you could spend anywhere from $90 to $150. Parts for this job will cost you about $25 to $40 each, but if you’re replacing a luxury-branded vehicle, the cost will be more. Read on for some tips on replacing idler pulleys yourself.
Check the idler pulley for wear. Look for scuff marks or scorched areas on the surface. Make sure to check the belt as well. If you don’t, it’s time to replace the idler pulley. To save yourself from further damage, you should replace the idler pulley as soon as you notice signs of wear. You can check the idler pulley easily by inspecting your vehicle’s engine with a flashlight.

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