Extremely high output torques, silent procedure and an extended service life: They are the defining top features of helical and bevel helical gearboxes from Ever-power.

Ever-power’s helical and care perfect for a multitude of applications and functionally scalable. Because of Ever-power’s modular design and high power density, space saving compact structure makes it possible for it to operate in tight industrial spaces.

Our range of helical, helical bevel, spiral bevel gearboxes could be easily configured to commercial process parameters because of a high selection of gear transmission ratios. The high level of efficiency of our gearboxes assure a perfect drive package that satisfies challenging requirements of the sector. In connection with three-phase AC and servo motors, Elecon helical gearboxes type an extremely compact unit. They are available in a 3 and 4 stage design with high torque and wide selection of gear ratios.

Helical-bevel gearboxes possess the major benefit of enabling extremely exact and reproducible positioning actions due to their high torsional stiffness and low backlash.
Helical bevel gearboxes in X and C-series
Helical bevel gearboxes X-series X22S-X63A
Helical bevel bearboxes C-series 113C-134C
EP A/S materials helical bevel gearboxes, carefully tested and approved.
The helical bevel gearboxes are in cast iron or aluminum and characterised by high power density and an efficiency as high as 96%. The helical bevel gearboxes are available as foot, flange or shaft gearboxes. They are available with solid result shaft or hollow output shaft for shrink fitting. The gearboxes are as regular provided for IEC motors.

Ratios in the X-series from 5:1 to 589:1 and a max output torque on 410 Nm.
Ratios in the C-series from 7:1 to 821:1 and a max result torque on 1000 Nm.

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