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H/B series standard industrial gearbox

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三级平行轴大功率工业齿轮箱,减速比从22~112,承载扭矩从173KN.M ~900KN.M,配套功率从21kw~5100kw。
The H series is a parallel shaft output form, and the B series is a vertical shaft input form.
H/B series standard industrial gearbox
Features of H/B series standard industrial gearboxes:
     1. H and B high-power gear reducers adopt general design schemes, which can be transformed into industry-specific gearboxes according to customer needs.
     2. Realize parallel axis, right-angle axis, vertical, horizontal universal box, reduce the types of parts and increase the specifications and models.
     3. Adopting the sound-absorbing sound box structure, the large surface area of ​​the box body and the advanced gear grinding technology for large fans and gears, so that the temperature rise and noise of the whole machine are reduced, the reliability of operation is improved, and the transmission power is increased.
     4. Input mode: motor connection flange, shaft input.
     5. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft connected by expansion plate, hollow shaft connected by spline, solid shaft connected by spline and solid shaft connected by flange.
     6. Installation method: horizontal, vertical, swing base, torsion arm type.

H series parallel shaft high power industrial gearbox
H1型减速比从1.25~5.6,承载扭矩从2KN.M ~245KN.M,配套功率从28kw~4823kw;
H2型减速比从6.3~27.5,承载扭矩从6.2KN.M ~880KN.M,配套功率从21kw~5160kw;
H3型减速比从22~112,承载扭矩从173KN.M ~900KN.M,配套功率从21kw~5100kw;
H4型减速比从100~450,承载扭矩从19.6KN.M ~900KN.M,配套功率从4.3kw~1263kw。

B series vertical shaft high power gearbox
B2系列减速比从5~12.5,承载扭矩从5.8KN.M ~230KN.M,配套功率从41kw~2800kw;
B3系列减速比从12.5~90,承载扭矩从5.5KN.M ~900KN.M,配套功率从19kw~2760kw;
B4系列减速比从80~400,承载扭矩从11KN.M ~900KN.M,配套功率从2.8kw~1574kw。