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Small cross diverter

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Small cross diverter
product description
      1. Chassis: Cast iron with high rigidity FC-25;
      2. Gear: Made of high-quality and high-purity alloy steel 50CrMnT quenched and tempered, carburized, quenched and ground;
      3. Main shaft: It is made of high-quality and high-purity alloy steel 40Cr quenched and tempered, and has the ability to suspend heavy loads.
      4. Bearings: equipped with cone roller bearings with heavy load capacity.
      5. Oil seal: Imported double lip oil seal is used, which has extremely high dust and oil leakage resistance.

Product parameters
    1. Spiral steering box can be equipped with single horizontal axis, double horizontal axis, single vertical axis and double vertical axis.
    2、速 比:1:1 、1.5:1、2:1、2.5:1、3:1、4:1、5:1。
    3. The spiral steering box can run forwards and backwards, low-speed or high-speed transmission is stable, and it has low noise, low vibration, and high endurance.
    4. When the speed ratio is not 1:1, the horizontal axis input and vertical axis output are deceleration, and the vertical axis input and horizontal axis output are acceleration.

Installation and maintenance
    Proper use of lubricating oil for the spiral steering box can exert the efficiency of the steering gear and increase its operating life.
    1. The reducer is initially used for two weeks or 100-200 hours, which is the initial wear period. There may be a little metal abrasion particles during this period. Please be sure to clean the inside and replace with new lubricating oil;
    2. For long-term use, replace the lubricating oil every six months to a year or 1000-2000 hours.