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JWB continuously variable gearbox

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JWB continuously variable gearbox
        Our JWB-X series continuously variable transmission has reasonable design, excellent performance, stable and reliable quality.After ten years of hard work, our factory has gradually developed into a scientific and technological development enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales.In the future, our factory will continue to follow the factory policy of "Quality First, Customer First", and wholeheartedly provide quality products and high-quality services to new and old customers at home and abroad.
        This machine is suitable for continuous operation. It can be operated in forward or reverse direction by changing any two phase wires of a three-phase motor. It can be used with confidence when the surface temperature does not exceed 85°C.
        Variable speed principle:
        The tapered friction wheel is clamped between the bottom ring and the speed control cam on the outside, and between the driving wheel and the pressure ring inside. The driving wheel and the pressure ring are compressed by the disc spring. When the driving wheel is driven by the motor, the friction The wheel is purely rolling. Since the bottom ring and the speed control cam do not move, the shaft and sliding of the friction wheel drive the bracket to rotate.When turning the speed control handwheel (shown at the end of the figure), the speed control cam changes the angular position, and through the cam profile, the speed control cam produces axial movement, thereby changing the gap between the speed control cam and the bottom ring. The friction wheel can move radially, thus changing the inner contact point of the friction wheel.When the gap increases, the friction wheel moves outward, and the revolution speed becomes slower. When the gap decreases, the friction wheel moves inward and the revolution speed becomes faster. Therefore, the purpose of continuously variable transmission is achieved. As long as the speed control handwheel is adjusted to a certain position, the friction The wheels can be evenly located in a certain corresponding position, and the output shaft can get the required stable speed.
        The design of JWB/MB series continuously variable transmission incorporates advanced technology at home and abroad. The product has the following main features:
1. High speed regulation accuracy: up to 0.5~1 revolutions;
3. High strength and long life;
4. Convenient speed adjustment;
5. It can work continuously, and it can run in both positive and negative directions, with stable operation, stable performance and low noise;
6. Fully sealed, with low environmental requirements;
7. Compact structure and small size;
8. It is formed by high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, with beautiful appearance, light weight and no rust;
9. Good adaptability. UDL series continuously variable transmission can be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed continuously variable transmission;
        Continuously variable transmission can be widely used in food, packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, paper, machine tools, transportation, and various automatic production lines that require speed adjustment, conveying assembly lines, and is your ideal partner on the machine.
        For detailed product introduction, please come to inquire, or inform your company's address or fax, we will send samples or fax drawings.
        The company wholesales and retails, with different specifications and models, different speed ratios, and special models can also be customized according to customer requirements. The variety is complete and the stock is sufficient.