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Special reducer for greenhouse roller shutter

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Special reducer for greenhouse roller shutter
QR5-1 Greenhouse Roller Blinds                   
1. The appearance of QR5-1 greenhouse roller shutter machine is a special greenhouse roller shutter machine for triangular heat insulation quilt;
2. QR5-1 greenhouse roller shutter weighs 56.5kg;
3. The rolling weight of QR5-1 greenhouse rolling machine is not more than 2.5 tons;
4. QR5-1 greenhouse rolling machine with power (1) 1.5kw 380v 1400 rpm (2) 2.2kw 220v 1400 rpm;
5、QR5-1大棚卷帘机适用大棚长度(1)草帘不大于50米宽度不大于9.5米;(2)保温被 不大于90米宽度不大于9.5米。

For the safety of you and others, you should pay attention to the following points when using the old-fashioned roller shutter:
1. Always check whether the spring of the car is broken and the spring has decreased. If so, please replace the spring in time.
2. Frequently check whether the friction plate is severely worn or cracked. If so, please replace the friction plate in time.
3. Frequently check whether the gap between the friction plate and the friction plate is too large or too small. If so, please adjust it in time.
4. Frequently check whether the pawl and the ratchet are aligned. If there is any deviation, please adjust it in time.If the above-mentioned problems are not solved in time, they may cause the brakes to fail, the rollers roll down, and cause accidents.
5. If there is a small back slope at the top of the big shed, you must not roll to the small back slope when you go up the roller shutter machine. Because the old-fashioned roller shutter machine has a one-way brake, it will roll down directly on the small back slope without a brake during the winding up.
6. Before starting to use after autumn, check the brake mechanism thoroughly: whether the pulley and shaft rotate flexibly, whether the pawl rotates flexibly, whether the inner wire of the pulley hole and the shaft outer wire are rusted, and whether the pawl and pawl bolts are rusted If so, remove the rust and add lubricating oil to make it rotate flexibly; if you find that the threads are worn out, please replace the pulley or shaft.

Precautions for installation and use of rolling machine
    1. According to the length, width, camber of the shed, and the weight of the straw curtain and quilt, the appropriate host should be selected according to the standard, pay attention to leaving a load margin, prohibit full load and overload operation, and take necessary safety and anti-theft measures for the motor .
    2. According to the weight of the roller shutter, use the support rod, push rod, roller rod, and bolt according to the standard to avoid the unreasonable rods from folding and twisting the rod.It is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the main machine and the rolling rod during the start-up and operation of the main machine, in case the rolling machine loses control and causes personal safety accidents.
    3. The motors, cables and other power distribution equipment purchased by the user should be qualified products that meet the national standards to ensure the safe use of electricity and the safe operation of the host.
    4. It is forbidden to fix the reverse switch on the host and support pole.Keep away from the main unit and operate while observing on the back wall or two mountains.An additional control switch is added in front of the reverse switch to ensure that the power supply can be cut off in time when the reverse switch fails.
    5. When the main engine is used for the first time, it is necessary to add a sufficient amount of qualified heavy-duty gear oil, check it regularly and replace it once a year.
    6. When the straight-tooth roller blind is powered off, it is strictly forbidden for the user to pick up the brake block and let the roller blind slide down by itself, otherwise, life will be in danger.The pull-up roller shutter machine should be equipped with a remote control so that it can stop immediately when the body or clothes are "bitten".
    7. In rainy and snowy weather, a rain-proof film should be covered to prevent damage to the host and motor due to the overweight straw curtain.
    8. It is forbidden to touch the V-belt when the roller shutter is rolled, and the roller shutter must be shut down in time after it is in place to prevent the grass curtain from turning over into the shed.
    9. During the installation and use process, if the vertical poles and coiled poles are deviated, they should be adjusted and straightened in time, and the bolts should be tightened to ensure the normal operation of the host and the poles and extend the service life.
    10. In the event of a failure of the roller shutter machine, the failure should be eliminated under the assistance or guidance of the agency or the company's service personnel to avoid safety accidents caused by blind operation. 
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