MBW stepless speed changer

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The working principle of MBW07 stepless speed changer: It is mainly composed of pressing active device, friction transmission mechanism and speed regulation control mechanism.The tapered driving wheel and the pressure plate are compressed by a set of disc springs, and the input shaft and the driving wheel are connected by a key to form a compressed driving device.A set of tapered planetary friction wheels are sandwiched between the compressed driving wheel and the pressure plate on the inside, and the outer side is sandwiched between the tapered fixed ring and the speed control cam to form a friction pair; when the compressed driving device is running , The friction wheel does pure rolling. Because the fixed ring and the speed control cam do not move, the friction wheel revolves while rotating, and drives the planet carrier to rotate through the central shaft of the planetary friction wheel and the slider bearing.While turning the handwheel to drive the speed control cam to change the angular position, the end surface curve of the speed control cam acts on the flat pin clamp and the end surface curve of the fixed cam to cause the speed control cam to move axially, thereby uniformly changing the speed control cam and the fixed ring The interval between the tapered planetary friction wheel produces radial movement.The working radius of the friction between the planetary friction wheel and the driving wheel, the pressure plate and the fixed ring, and the speed control cam is evenly changed to realize stable stepless speed change.
MBW stepless speed changer
Performance characteristics of MBW07 stepless speed changer:
Its speed regulation accuracy is 1 rpm, which is the best of similar products.It can quickly realize any speed change from low layer speed to high speed stepless section in the range of 1:5.All transmission parts have undergone strict treatment, precision machining, and grinding; therefore, they have a long service life and low noise.It can be reasonably used in combination with gear reducers, cycloid reducers, worm gear reducers, etc., so as to meet different requirements for output torque, low and high output speeds in different occasions.
MBW07 stepless speed changer application range: mbw07 stepless speed changer is widely used in food machinery, printing, papermaking machinery, rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and various work production lines in which the required process parameters are variable and continuous in speed In changing occasions, it is also equipped to explore the working speed of the machine during the trial production of new products.
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