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SWL series worm gear screw lift

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SWL series worm gear screw lift
product description:
        The SWL series worm gear screw lift is a basic lifting component, which has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, no noise, safety and convenience, flexible use, high reliability, wide power source, multiple supporting functions, long service life, etc. .It can be used alone or in combination, and can accurately control the height of adjustment or advancement according to a certain program. It can be directly driven by a motor or other power, or it can be manually.In order to improve the efficiency and carrying capacity of SWL series worm gear screw lifts, special and advanced technology has been developed to improve the overall performance of the lifts to meet the requirements of our customers.The screw lift has different structural forms and assembly forms, and the lifting height can be customized according to user requirements. The SWL series worm gear screw lift has many functions such as lifting, lowering, advancing with auxiliary parts, turning, and adjusting various height positions.

technical parameter:
⒈Structural form: Type 1-the screw rod moves axially; Type 2-the screw rod rotates and the nut moves axially.
⒉Assembly form: Type A-screw rod or nut moves upward; Type B-screw rod or nut moves downward.
⒊Screw head form:
Screw head of type 1 structure: type Ⅰ (cylindrical), type Ⅱ (flange type), type Ⅲ (thread type), type Ⅳ (flat head type);
Screw head of type 2 structure: type Ⅰ (cylindrical), type Ⅲ (thread type).
⒋Deceleration ratio: normal speed ratio (P), slow speed ratio (M), medium speed ratio (F) can be made according to user requirements.
⒍Protection of screw rod: Type 1 structure: basic type (no protection), anti-rotation type (F), with protective cover (Z), anti-rotation connecting shield (FZ); type 2 structure: basic type (no protection) .
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