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Horizontal cycloid reducer

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Horizontal cycloid reducer
XNUMX. Product introduction
The entire transmission device of the planetary cycloid reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part, and output part.A double eccentric sleeve with a displacement of 180° is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called swing arms are installed on the eccentric sleeve to form an H mechanism. The center holes of the two cycloids are the upper swing arm bearings of the eccentric sleeve. In order to reduce the friction, in a reducer with a small speed ratio, the cycloidal wheel meshes with a set of circularly arranged needle teeth on the needle gear to form an internal meshing reduction mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth. , Needle tooth sleeve is attached to the needle tooth).When the input shaft rotates one circle with the eccentric sleeve, due to the characteristics of the upper tooth profile curve of the cycloidal wheel and the limitation of the needle gear on the needle gear, the motion of the cycloidal wheel becomes a plane motion with both revolution and rotation. When the input shaft rotates in the forward direction, the eccentric sleeve also rotates once, and the cycloidal wheel rotates one tooth in the opposite direction to obtain deceleration. Then, with the help of the W output mechanism, the low-speed rotation motion of the cycloidal wheel is transmitted to the output shaft through the pin shaft. In order to obtain a lower output speed.

Second, the scope of use
The planetary cycloidal pin gear reducer is a kind of machinery that achieves deceleration by the meshing of cycloidal pin teeth in accordance with the principle of planetary transmission with less tooth difference.The machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, double-shaft and direct-connected assembly methods. It is an advanced equipment for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.

Three, product characteristics
2. High transmission efficiency.Because the meshing part adopts rolling meshing, the general first-level transmission efficiency is 90%-95%.
4. Fewer failures and long life.The main transmission engaging parts are made by grinding bearing steel, so the mechanical properties and wear resistance are good, and because it is rolling friction, there are few failures and long life.
5. Smooth and reliable operation.Due to the multi-tooth meshing during the transmission process, the operation is stable and reliable, and the noise is low.
6. Convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance.
7. Strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small moment of inertia, suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation.

Four, technical parameters

Power: 0.18KW~75KW
Torque: 70N·m~20000N·m
Transmission ratio:
Single level: 11-87
Two-level: 121-5133
Level 6545: 446571-XNUMX

XNUMX. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer model
单级机型:X2、X3、X4、X5、X6、X7、X8 、X9 、X10、X11、X12
Single-stage reduction ratio: 9, 11, 17, 23, 25, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71, 87
Two-stage model: X32 X42 X43 X53 X63 X74 X85 X95 X106 X118 X128
B109 B110 B120 B121 B131 B141 B153 B163 B174 B185 B195
Two-stage reduction ratio: 121 187 289 391 473 595 731 841 1003 1225 1505 1849 2065 2537 3481 4189 5133 7569

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