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How to see the number of worm heads in a plane double envelope reducer

时间:2018-10-28 10:44   tags: products information  

        Extra-large butterfly valve drive envelope reducer A800 plane secondary envelope reducer is a best-selling transmission product of Yongtengxiang Reducer Company in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. It is upgraded to a plane secondary envelope toroidal worm drive on the basis of a spur gear drive. The worm tooth surface of this transmission device is made by nitriding grinding. It has the characteristics of high surface finish, high hardness, and more contact teeth. It has better load-bearing capacity, transmission efficiency, and service life than cylindrical worm transmission. Great improvement.
        The large butterfly valve transmission envelope reducer A800 plane double envelope reduction transmission device has positioning parts, and the coupling is installed on the input shaft of the device.The rotation angle of our transmission is finely adjusted, which is determined by adjusting the bolt.
        Since the planar double-envelope worm gear drive has the above-mentioned advantages, how to look at the number of worm heads, therefore, since the birth of the transmission, how to count the number of worm heads has quickly been promoted in all walks of life across the country, and has been widely used in metallurgy. Equipment, worm heads, and used in shipbuilding, mining, machinery, construction, military, chemical and other industries are generally welcomed.
        However, in the case of multiple heads and small speed ratios, the number of enveloping worm heads and the plane double enveloping toroidal worm will cause undercutting of the worm tooth surface and tipping of the side teeth, and the more the number of heads, the more serious. Therefore, the general speed ratio cannot be less than 8, and only 5 heads can be achieved under normal conditions.