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SBD Schenck called reducer

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        SBD Schenck claims that the special reducer is a new type of transmission device specially designed and manufactured by Suji Factory for Schenck Schenck. The reducer is driven by planetary cycloid transmission as the front-stage deceleration, and the spiral bevel gear reduction transmission is the latter-stage deceleration. , This series of reducers have good performance, compact structure, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and are widely used in speed control scales in metallurgy, cement, steel, mining, coal, chemical and other industries.There are two types, SBD50 and SBD65, which are matched with TDG speed control scale, and the power is generally 0.37KW-3KW.According to the output size of the user's platform, configure the corresponding power, and at the same time, according to the on-site craftsmanship and the size of the space, it is necessary to indicate whether the installation is left or right.
        High-reliability frequency conversion speed regulation technology, wide belt, thick material layer, low-speed operation, so it has stable operation and close to static measurement accuracy.The dynamic measurement accuracy is better than 1.0%; the static measurement accuracy is better than 0.5%, and the precision type can reach 0.125%.
        Dynamic quantitative adjustment has high precision and wide adjustment range (speed adjustment ratio ≥20:1, belt speed 5cm/min~15m/min).It still has good linear speed regulation performance at low speed, which can greatly reduce the wear of the belt and avoid the damage of large materials.
        Schenck said that the price-performance ratio is better.Adopting the latest international technology, combined with years of practice, continuous improvement and perfection.Realize belt automatic centering, automatic tension adjustment, profile cleaner, roller bearing dust-proof design, etc.The control accuracy is high, the stability is good, and the price is only 1/4~1/5 of the imported similar products.
        Schenck said operation and maintenance costs are low.In normal operation, the service life of the endless belt can be as long as 5 years, saving 20~40% of the power; the special quick belt replacement method, only two people can quickly replace the belt.
        Model: SBD, 50, 65, 75, 85
        Installation method: basic type, foot plate type, suspension type, flange type
        Input power: 0.25~7.5KW
        Transmission ratio: 32~1888.24
   Speed ​​measurement method: tachogenerator, inductor head and gear plate
   Output torque: 800~4500 (NM)