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Introduction to the function of mud scraper reducer

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       The driving device of the JWZ mud scraper adopts a single-stage worm gear reduction transmission, which can be driven by a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, a speed-regulating motor through a sprocket chain, a V-belt wheel or directly connected.The equipment is a low-speed output transmission device with large output torque, low noise, stable operation and no leakage.Mainly used for supporting products of water treatment equipment and mud removal machinery.The reducer has manual lifting, flashlight lifting and other forms. According to user requirements, a safety shear pin and a spring-type over-torque automatic protection device (JGZ4500) can be added to ensure the safe operation of the entire equipment.
Brief introduction of mud scraper reducer
JWZ clarifier mud scraper special worm gear reducer specifications mainly include JWZ200\JWZ2410\JWZ350\JWZ460, etc. Choose the appropriate worm gear box according to the size of the clarifier.The following data is for reference only:
Diameter 6 meters: use JWZ200-8-40-ST (DT)
Diameter 8 meters: use JWZ240-10-40-ST (DT)
Diameter 10 meters: use JWZ350-10-60-ST (DT)
Diameter 16 meters: use JWZ460-10-60-ST (DT)
Each of the above models can be equipped with overload protection device, manual lifting (ST) or electric lifting (DT) according to customer needs.
The first-stage geared motor usually adopts a dual-machine cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and a suitable geared motor is selected according to different specifications of worm gear boxes.Same as worm gear reducer with sprocket chain link