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What are the common worm gear reducer models

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Main models of worm gears: WP series worm gear reducer, WH series worm gear reducer, CW series worm gear reducer and RV series worm gear reducer, etc.
WP series
WH series
Including WHT/WHX/WHS/WHC.
CW series
Including CWU/CWS/CWO.
RV series
Including RV/NMRV/NRV.
Overview: RV series worm gear reducer is designed and manufactured according to technical quality standards. RV series worm gear reducer meets the national standard GB10085-88 cylindrical worm gear parameters, absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad, and has a novel "square box" shape structure. The box body is beautiful and is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting. to make. The RV series worm gear reducer has been widely used in mechanical deceleration devices for production process equipment in various industries. It is the best choice for modern industrial equipment to achieve large torque, high speed ratio, low noise, and high stability mechanical deceleration transmission control devices.
Model of RV series worm gear reducer:
NMRV25、NMRV30、NMRV40、NMRV50、NMRV63、NMRV75、NMRV90、NMRV110、NMRV130、NMRV150 RV系列蜗轮减速机法兰型号: 

Other types of worm gear reducers are:
TP type plane enveloping toroidal worm reducer, PW type plane double enveloping toroidal worm reducer (GB-T16449-1996), HW type straight profile toroidal worm reducer (JB/T 7936-1999);
SCW轴装式圆弧圆柱蜗杆减速机(JB-T6387-1992)、ZC1型双级蜗杆及齿轮-蜗杆减速器(JB-T7008-1993)、KW型锥面包络圆柱蜗杆减速机(JB/T 5559-91);
WP, WD type worm reducer, SKWU type shaft-mounted cone enveloping worm reducer, BRV series variable speed worm reducer;
WR type worm gear reducer, WDH type worm gear reducer, WS type universal worm gear reducer;
WL type universal worm gear reducer, WX type worm gear reducer, QT type worm gear reducer;
RD type double enveloping worm gear reducer, WQ type cylindrical worm reducer, DKWU-F cone-surfaced cylindrical worm reducer;
WHZ worm gear reducer multi-faceted installation of arc cylindrical worm reducer, CWG two-stage worm gear reducer;
CWS type arc cylindrical worm reducer, WWJ series worm reducer, JRST series multiple worm reducer;
TSRV series stainless steel worm gear reducer, EWRV series worm gear reducer, WJL series worm reducer.