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The abnormal heating of the worm gear reducer should be dealt with in time

时间:2019-06-24 17:27   tags: Press Room  

        During the use of the worm gear reducer, heat is often encountered when the reducer is running.Causes the rapid wear of the internal worm gear.Once you find a serious fever, please stop working immediately, find out the cause of the worm gear reducer's heat, and eliminate it.Because once the worm gear reducer heats up severely, the wear resistance coefficient of the worm wheel and the worm will decrease, causing the internal parts of the reducer to wear quickly.The following are the common failure causes and general solutions for the heating of the worm gear reducer:
  1. The oil seal is damaged, the gasket is damaged, the amount of oil is too much, the oil plug is loose, and the oil standard is damaged.Remedy: replace the oil seal, replace the sealing gasket, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, tighten the oil plug, and replace the oil standard. The input or output shaft does not rotate. . 2. Overload carrying, too little or too much lubricating oil, poor or inappropriate lubricating oil, excessive friction of the oil seal, improper connection between the output shaft and the transmission device, troubleshooting method: adjust to an appropriate load or select a large model, and add appropriate lubrication according to the instructions After the oil is drained, add appropriate lubricating oil, drop a few drops of lubricating oil on the oil seal, and adjust it to the proper position.
  3. Worm gears and worms have poor meshing, bearing damage or excessive clearance, insufficient lubricating oil, and foreign matter intrusion. Elimination method: trim the tooth contact surface, replace the bearing, add appropriate amount of lubricating oil as instructed, remove foreign matter and replace the lubricating oil. Abnormal vibration. 4. Poorly fixed transmission device, worn or damaged worm gear, worn or damaged bearing, loose bolts, and foreign matter intrusion. Elimination method: fix the transmission device, replace the worm gear, replace the bearing, tighten the bolts, remove foreign matter and replace the lubricant oil leakage.
  5.Whether the operation is super-loaded, the lubricating oil is poor or inappropriate, the lubricating oil is insufficient, the bearing is worn, and the operating temperature is too high
  Remedy: adjust to the proper load, replace the proper lubricating oil, add proper lubricating oil according to the instructions, replace the bearing, and improve the ventilation environment.