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Emergency treatment plan for oil leakage of helical gear reducer

时间:2019-06-24 16:48   tags: Press Room  

  What is the solution to the oil leakage of the helical gear reducer?Helical gear reducer is a novel reduction transmission device.Adopting the advanced design concept of modular combination system, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and fine transmission ratio classification.So what is the solution to the oil leakage of the helical gear reducer?
  The oil spill treatment plan uses polymer composite materials to repair and treat the oil leakage of the reducer. The polymer composite materials are based on polymer, metal or ceramic ultra-fine powder, fibers, etc., and act as curing agents and curing accelerators. The composite material underneath.Various materials complement each other in performance and produce a synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of the composite material is better than that of the original composition material.
  With strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the repair of mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leakage, casting blisters, etc. of metal equipment, as well as various chemical storage tanks. , Chemical anti-corrosion protection and repair of reaction tanks and pipelines.For the leakage of the static sealing point of the reducer, polymer composite materials and technology can be used to treat the leakage on the spot. There is no need to disassemble, and the polymer composite material can be used to treat the leakage externally, saving time and effort, and the effect is immediate.
  Its products have superior adhesion, oil resistance and 350% elongation, overcome the impact of the vibration of the reducer, and have well solved the problems that have not been solved for many years.If the static seal point of the reducer leaks oil during operation, the oil surface emergency repair agent of surface engineering technology can be used to stick it to eliminate the oil leakage.