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Internal structure and function of cycloid reducer

时间:2021-01-10 12:21   tags: Press Room  

  Cycloidal reducer is a common type of reduction machine, commonly used in petrochemical, food industry, mechanical processing and other industries, with high transmission efficiency and long service life.Let's explain its internal structure below.
  1. The output shaft can drive the required machinery and other devices through the output shaft, and the output speed is decelerated;
  2. Fastening ring, for fixing;
  3. The gland is also used for fixing to prevent the internal objects from falling off;
  5. Input shaft, energy is usually provided by electric motor;
  6. Ventilation cap, for exhaust;
  8. For pin shaft fixing;
  11. Spacer ring, so that the flange or gear is evenly stressed;
  12. Cylindrical sleeve sleeved outside the pin tooth pin and meshing with the cycloidal gear teeth;
  14. The main structure of cycloid wheel and reducer;
  15. Flange, transmission function;
  16. Fan blades are used to reduce the temperature of mechanical friction;
  18. The fastening ring of the shaft is used for fixing and preventing loosening;
  19. Oil indicator, a device that displays the oil level.