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Harmonic reducer

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Harmonic reducer
Brief introduction of high-precision harmonic reducer

The three core components of harmonics: flexible wheel, rigid wheel and wave generator.
Flexible wheel: thin-walled external gear in which the wave generator rotates.
Rigid wheel: small modulus internal gear, meshing with the external teeth of the long shaft after the flexible wheel type is changed.
Wave generator: elliptical part, accepts motor input, the main function is to generate wave shape.
Reduction ratio: simple algorithm = flexspline tooth number/tooth difference, the number of teeth is large and the tooth difference is small, so the reduction ratio is high.
Advantages of harmonic reducer:
•High reduction ratio
The reduction ratio is from SO~160.
•Small backlash, high precision
Multi-tooth meshing at the same time, the cumulative pitch error is small.
• Few parts and easy installation
The three core parts achieve a high reduction ratio.
•Small size, heavy or light
The volume is 1/3 of other reducers, and the heavy star is 1/2.
• Torque capacity is high
At the same time, the number of meshing teeth reaches 30%, and the force on each tooth is small.
The meshing slip is small, reducing the loss of frictional power.
• Low noise
The meshing speed is low, the operation is quiet and the vibration is very small.